Ticketing Group is obsessed with making culture accessible to everyone with state-of-the-art digital solutions that connect supply and demand in the cultural and creative sector. Their latest initiative, Cultuurticket, is an innovative online platform that lets users see all the cultural events that are happening in a city, region or country in Europe, and purchase tickets directly.

Which is just the kind of project BECCA is always keen to work on.

Our obstacle? Convincing a critical committee that the project was actually sustainable.

The result? A €390,000 grant for Cultuurticket. Not only that, the committee called Cultuurticket an “imaginative integrated way to connect European audiences to European films and other cultural experiences”.

Now that they’ve secured funding for 2019-2020, Cultuurticket will launch in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria first, with more countries to follow in the next few years.