What we do

Raising funds for projects in the creative industries means exploring financing strategies, identifying the right financing options, writing successful applications, and building longterm relationships with fund representatives. Above all, it means finding the funding programme that fits your project. This is what BECCA is about.

Creative Europe will invest €1.46 billion in European projects between 2014 and 2020.

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European & public funding

Every year, the European Union earmarks millions of euros to fund cultural and creative projects. Governments also contribute substantially at the regional, local and national levels.

But you need to know where to look and how to get started.

BECCA specialises in giving both new and seasoned arts & culture organisers the support system and know-how to launch and sustain their creative projects financially—from research to application.

Once you've secured funding, we can work together to make sure you keep it. 

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Private funding

The EU and other public bodies aren't the only source of funding available to you. Private funders like Robert Bosch donate millions of euros every year to creative projects.

BECCA can help you explore funding opportunities via arts patronage, crowdfunding, investors such as banks or social lending initiatives, and more.

Contact us to discuss your funding options in the private sector.

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BECCA Europe follows all the developments in EU fundraising – so you don’t have to.


Research and consultancy

A large part of targeting the right funding stream for your creative project is researching all the possibilities. The time, difficulty and confusion this usually entails puts off a lot of people with great ideas.

Partnering with BECCA means entering the European market with the expertise to move forward successfully. We'll start by connecting your project to the right funding programmes. When it's up and running, we'll give you crucial and timely advice on the latest trends and developments in European and national, public and private funding policy, so you can keep it running.

We can work with you on a specific project or on a rolling basis, providing consistent and comprehensive insight into the European fundraising landscape, so you never miss an opportunity that’s right for you.