About us

BECCA Europe's mission is to support arts & culture in Europe. 

Arne Van Vliet

Arne van Vliet

Founder, BECCA

Arne van Vliet founded the Bureau for European Cultural and Creative Affairs (BECCA) in 2013, bringing his wealth of professional and academic experience to the cultural and creative funding sector.

With a strong belief that fundraising should go beyond national borders, Arne has led BECCA into long-term partnerships with many international projects and organisations. Being based in a compact and easily accessible country like the Netherlands has provided a natural advantage in cross-border collaborations.

Arne previously worked in Brussels for a public affairs bureau, as well as at the European Commission (DG Education and Culture). He holds an MSc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam with a focus on lobbying for the cultural sector, an MA in Sociology of Arts & Culture from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a BA in Theatre, Film and Television Studies from Utrecht University. He is a bilingual Dutch and English speaker.

EU funding and crowdfunding expertise

David Herman

David Herman


David started off building his experience in EU project development and management at DutchCulture, Centre for International Cultural Cooperation, and Grants Europe Consulting, an international consultancy firm, where he successfully developed a number of cultural and socio-economical projects for many EU programmes, including INTERREG, URBACT and Creative Europe. His path to EU project management grew out of both his academic and artistic interests. He holds an MSc in Culture Management from the University of Antwerp and an MA in EU Studies from the Centre International de Formation Européenne. David is also a musician with a BA and an MA in classical piano from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, so he has strong roots in the cultural sector that allow him to closely identify with clients who are growing in the creative industry. His goal at BECCA is to add value to his clients’ cultural projects by combining his experience and insight both as an artist and a cultural manager. David develops and manages project proposals in Dutch, English and Hungarian.